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Patient Journey

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1. How you get to us

  • A Doctor refers you: a GP or a specialist
  • A casualty Doctor requests the Orthopaedic Surgeon on Call
  • A medical professional such as a physio, biokineticist or other refers you

Can you arrive without a referral?
Of course, for any orthopaedic related problem. Ensure your medical aid does not require a referral first

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2. What we require from you

  • An Xray not older than 6 months (for the related problem)
  • A CT scan or MRI may be requested (this will be dependent on the orthopaedic problem but will be discussed with you)
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3. First consult

  • Patient examination
  • Review of Xray, MRI or CT Scan
    *Sometimes the diagnostic scans are only requested at the first consult
  • Consult is paid in rooms, you claim from your medical aid
    *We offer pensioner discount
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4. Follow-up consultation

  • MRI follow-up consultation
    *If required
  • MRI Discussion
    *No charge if it is a follow-up
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5. Decision time

  • Establish if conservative management or an operation is warranted
  • Conservative management: A follow up date will be discussed and booked
  • Operation: Surgery date will be discussed and booked
  • If diagnosis is not within Dr Hardcastle’s area of expertise, he will refer you to the related specialist
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6. Pre-op consult

  • Procedure is discussed
  • Operation information is shared
  • Consent is signed
    *Dr Hardcastle and the Anaesthetist consent
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7. Pre-op preparation

  • Referral to physio, Sister Uys, pathology (swabs) as well as Anaesthetist for pre-op checks
    *Procedure dependant|
  • COVID protocol: Test 3 days prior to procedure
    *Unless you tested positive in the last 3 months
  • Pre-admission to hospital: Documentation to be completed with the hospital team
    *No food or drink may be consumed for 8 hrs prior to procedure
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8. Procedure administration

  • Estimation and quotation sent by Letitia from our team and signed
    *This is only Dr Hardcastle’s fees. Additional fees are charged for prosthesis (if any), Anaesthetist, In Hospital physio,Hospital fees
  • Authorisation from the medical aid for the procedure is required
    *Melissa from our team helps with this
  • Authorisation number and information regarding medical aid tariffs as well as what the medical aid covers is communicated to you
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COVID results will be smsed to you (if + procedure will be postponed, unless it is an emergency)

Dr Hardcastle is also notified of the result

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9. Procedure day

  • Admission to hospital
  • Dr Hardcastle will contact the next of kin to discuss how the procedure went
  • Follow up dates and times to be organised before discharge
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10. Post-operation

  • Medical bill from all service providers, including Dr Hardcastle is submitted to medical aid
  • Follow-ups occurs procedure dependant
    *All are no-charge up to 4 months post-procedure
  • Reminder SMS’ will be sent for your appointment
  • Normally check-ups are at 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months post surgery
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