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An arthroscopy is a minor, surgical procedure that requires only 2-3 small cuts, and the insertion of a small camera that allows us to see inside the joints of the knee, and identify possible conditions. You’ll be asleep throughout the procedure.

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This involves removing only the damaged surfaces of your knee (the end of your thigh bone, the femur, and the top of your shin bone, the tibia) and replacing them with metal and plastic pieces, which fit together to mimic the natural movement of the knee.

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This surgical procedure for knee joints will help relieve pain and restore function. Reconstruction of an ACL involves replacing the torn ligament usually with part of the hamstring, from behind the knee or sometimes part of the patellar tendon or quadriceps tendon.

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A hip joint replacement involves removing the damaged bone, replacing the head of the femur and re-lining the hip socket. The type of replacement or components used will depend on the degree of damage to the joint surface.

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Dr Peter Hardcastle

Dr Hardcastle focuses on knee joint replacements, knee arthroscopies, patellofemoral disorders, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstructions, total hip joint replacements and general orthopaedic trauma surgery

Peter completed his undergraduate MBChB degree in 2005 at Stellenbosch University, and later went on to finish his internship and community service at George Provincial Hospital. In 2013, he finished his MMED in orthopaedic surgery and in the same year qualified at the College of Orthopaedic Surgeons of South Africa (FC Orth (SA)).

He furthered his studies with a 12-month fellowship in lower limb reconstruction under the guidance of the Royal College of Edinburgh.

“As a medical professional, I feel that the experience I have gained, both from a South African and British perspective, has given me an edge when treating pre and post-operative patients.”

When he isn’t with his patients, Peter can often be found cycling the nearest mountain bike track, out on the golf course, or enjoying family time.

The Practice

Orthopaedic Health is a private practice, situated at the Vergelegen
Mediclinic in Somerset West, and was opened in April 2015.

Knowledge Hub

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“My admiration and respect for Dr Hardcastle knows no bounds and all I can say is a huge thank you for his dedication, compassion and care”

Levinia Krige
Right Total Knee Replacement | August 2021

“… an exceptional medical practice run by an exceptionally highly skilled and gifted Doctor.”

Mr van Heerden
Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement | June 2021

“Many thanks for the wonderful way you have fixed my knee problem. I have been able to walk, not hobble, without crutches, the knee feels a bit tight but no pain whatsoever…”

Mrs Stephan
Operation At Summerhill Surgical Centre | August 2021
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