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Frequently Asked Questions

Post-operatively one can start driving when you can walk around your vehicle without any assistive devices. Typically, people who have automatic cars and have surgery on the left knee can drive sooner. Unfortunately for patients who drive a manual vehicle the return to driving takes longer.

Most patients are booked off for 2 weeks. This allows one to recover and not overexert oneself in the initial period. A final decision on returning to work is normally made at your first follow-up visit.

Returning to sport is dependent on the surgery that was performed. Most high impact activities are delayed for a 6 to 8 week period. A decision is normally made between your physiotherapist and myself on a safe return to sport.

Following knee arthroscopy your knee may remain swollen and post-operatively, there could also be bruising. This should dissipate within a couple of weeks. As your strength and mobility improves the swelling may settle. This varies from person to person but could be present for up to 6 weeks.

I recommend that all patients who have had a knee arthroscopy remain on crutches until you are able to walk without a limp and pain-free. This protects the knee.  Should you have a limp physiotherapy is recommended.


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