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Frequently Asked Questions

Driving can commenced once you are able to walk around the vehicle unaided and confidently. Should it be your right hip, you will not be able to drive for between 4 to 6 weeks. If it is your left hip and you have an automatic car you can drive within 2 weeks.

Typically, you will be mobilised on the same day as the operation with the aid of crutches and the help of the physiotherapist. You should be able to resume normal activities within the first week to 2 weeks.

This is not a pre-requisite, but merely for your own comfort and there is no reason that you should need to have a pillow between your legs.

Initially it is important to focus on walking well and confidently without crutches. The physiotherapist will help you with this. Once you have confidence and your gait has returned to normal, you are able to return to most exercise activities. It is important to increase the exercise gradually, should you attempt too much too quickly your hip may become painful and you may experience discomfort due to muscular fatigue.  Ultimately you should be able to return to most hiking and walking activities.

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